We are Service Graphics, together We Change Space

We are Service Graphics, together We Change Space

"We are proud to be Service Graphics!"  

Having listened to colleagues from across our business the message is clear. We are Service Graphics, together We Change Space and our logo should reflect this.

We are delighted to introduce our new logo and we will phase out our SG logo over the coming months.  

Our people set us apart. Having set the standard in large format graphics since 1961 service and graphics is in our DNA and once again is at the heart of our logo.

Since moving to private ownership in March 2018 over £1m has been invested at sites in Glasgow, Skelmersdale and Chessington. Ensuring our clients continue to access high-quality print, produced by our expert teams using the latest technology.

From conferences and concerts, TV and film to building wraps and billboards; from high street stores and luxury retail to arenas and sports stadia, our expertise is on display almost everywhere you look.





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