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Creating attention-grabbing digital experiences to connect people with brands

Creating attention-grabbing digital experiences to connect people with brands

We're leading the way in digital engagement

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Creating attention-grabbing digital experiences to connect people with brands

No Software, no servers and now... no hardware

A totally embedded solution, that allows you to logon online and deploy content within seconds

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Digital Signage & Interactive Experiences

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SG's Digital specialists transform environments with digital signage and interactive experiences that engage audiences, provide valuable analytics data, and connect your brand with your customers. 

We provide a fully packaged end-to-end solution evaluating audience and customer environments, identifying and overcoming technical challenges, working with you to create content that can be deployed quickly and easily. Our cloud-based platform offers complete control of your campaign, deploy to multiple locations and screens or drill down to deploy at an individual screen level.

Whether you require digital signage at a single location or a multisite nationwide rollout we take care of everything ensuring the technologies deliver what you need.


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Low-cost digital video walls from 4K, 8K and beyond

As the first platform to have pioneered the use of Android technology to power video walls, our 4K Players support ultra-high-definition video walls and beyond through pre-processed video slicing that independently fits content to each screen or device. This results in vastly lower-cost, lower power usage and minimal complexity, making video walls a viable, scalable option. 

Our low-cost video wall solution supports high-definition video files, graphics and animated content for a truly vibrant, high-quality experience across multiple displays.

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Interactive digital signage and applications

Build truly immersive experiences that drive customer engagement, you can create quickly and deploy quality interactive applications without writing a single line of code.

From airports and train stations to university campuses and retail stores, interactive digital signage is beneficial for every industry, enabling audiences to interact with content and find information that is most relevant to them. 

Any asset can be made touch interactive inside our software; when a customer interacts with these assets, the platform can trigger an expanding variety of 'events'. This allows customers to become much more engaged in the digital content.

Our system also supports time-based events, which are triggered when the animation timeline reaches a particular frame. Timed ‘triggers’ help to manage complex animations much more easily, which poses a huge benefit to creative departments.

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Digital shelf edge technology

Deploy dynamic content using EDGE the latest innovation in digital shelf edge technology Using EDGE displays and driver boards together with our cloud-based platform, the retailer can create engaging shelf- edge promotions themselves without the need to go to a third party.  


digital shelf edge signage

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